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    I've got maybe 30 something patches and my messaging app is so glitchey I can't bear it anymore. I have maybe 5 messaging patches. Is there anything I can do to speed it up? I don't have many apps at all and hardly ever have open any other cards besides my messaging ones and usually that's like 3 cards. Help?
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    I was having issues with dialing from contacts, and/or call history.
    I just start deleting some of the latest patches I applied, and it fixed it.

    I would guess your issues are related to a patch.
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    Hmm try to uninstall all the patches from the phone and see if it is not slow then. If not, install the patches back ONE BY ONE in case one creates the lag again.
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    What carrier and version of webOS are you using?
    Have you tried a phone reboot?
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    cleaning out your call history is helpful.

    also, check govnah to see if you are still overclocked.

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