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    Everything with my Franken Pre 2 has been perfect until yesterday. I stopped receiving texts altogether. I had texted a ton of people and never got responses back and so today, I was waiting for a text from my girlfriend and I never got anything. I decided to take out my battery leave it out for a while and turn it back on. What do you know, a ton of texts messages from the previous days and today.

    Now today, it's still struggling to send and receive texts. It's very intermittent. Some go through some don't. I have to turn off/on to get some of the texts and now I don't know if it's working or not.

    Has anyone else had this problem?
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    if you have an airrave it is a known problem
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    I don't have one of those, that's why it's weird. It just randomly started happening. Just yesterday, later in the day.
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    yeah...I had already started a thread in here about it.

    No real answers. I doctored and it seemed to fix the issue. Make sure to use the Unlocked GSM 2.1 Doc

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