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    I've had a Pre for about 18 months now and have built up a nice set of apps. I'm now about to take delivery of a Pre 2 and wondered how I get the apps across, especially the ones I've paid for, along with their data.

    I do a backup using the Pre's network backup facility, but I don't see a restore option anywhere. Is it available on the Pre 2? Or do I have to copy everything off to my PC and then copy it back to the new phone?
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    Apps that you download from the App Catalog are tied to your Palm Profile. As long as you use the same Palm Profile, all your app (including paid apps) will be downloaded automatically once you finish setting up your Pre 2.

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    do you use pre ware? if you do the download save / restore -- after you do that you can put the phone into USB drive mode and save the saverestore folder to your phone. when you get your new phone most of the apps -especially the ones you have purchased will be there after you sign in with your palm profile -- put the saverestore folder on the new phone and download save/restore. restore from this app and you will have all of you scores and what not in the apps on the new phone
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