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    I have been using my comboard-swapped Verizon franken Pre 2 for about two weeks now. The screen toward the bottom is moved to the left so the right edge of the keyboard shows, but at the top the screen moves to the right so the top left part of the back bezel shows. The screen is askew like a tight "X". There is also a bit of oreo. Should I worry about these or just be happy with my Pre 2? Pictures below

    The first is the bottom part where the keyboard edge pokes out and the second is the top of the phone where the left side above the volume rocker shows. These were taken with a webcam so sorry for any blurriness.
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    I heard all your had to do was remove the bezel or something and push the slider in better. I know I've read this issue before and it was fixed.
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    Well I "thought' it was but it isn't anymore. It went back to normal. It's odd because I look at the hooks on the back of the screen that hook into the keyboard to make it slide but they arent askew or anything. I'm almost wondering if the bezel itself is bigger than the Pre 2 screen or something. I know I've posted about this before but I'm really obsessive and I just want to be happy with my phone.
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    It doesn't happen with my Pre 2. Maybe something happened in the comm board swap process to cause it. Do you remember if your Pre 2 also had this problem before the board swap?

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    It didn't but I have taken off the back bezel three times to see what the problem was and I couldn't find it. Weirdest thing... My volume rocker sound ribbon ripped off leaving it non functional but I don't think that would effect the slider...
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    Weirdest thing, I took off the back bezel and when the bezel is off it doesn't do it...
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    my vzw pre 2 is doing the same thing. so its not just you. im gonna hope te pre3 comes to vzw, then im gonna use my upgrade on it.
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    Ugh same! Luckily I got this for free so I'll HAVE an upgrade. Plus I'm just dying for a bigger screen and that front facing camera, yum.

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