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    I currently have a 1gz dell streak running Android 2.2 to compare it with.

    With fairly light use the Streak will last a good 15 hours.

    With the same amount of use i'm getting about 6 hours from Pre2.

    I have my emails set to push and brightness set to lowest on both machines. Main apps are twitter (Bad Kitty/Seismic) and the standard email clients. Wifi on.

    The Pre2 does a bit more fancy animations when using the launcher, but I can't see it doing much more work. I dont generally leave unused apps running.

    So why is it so bad?

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    It is what it is. They put such a weak battery in it. I love my pres as much as anyone but thats why *I have a bunch of touchstones everywhere
    *Patchers STILL make this phone Perfect!
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    I have touchstones at home and in my car, battery life is just not an issue. You have to set your phone down, so set it down on a touchstone and let it charge.
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    there are a lot of things you need to consider when talking about battery life.

    first up, battery size. With a lower size you obviously won't get the same usage for hours.

    battery type. Lithium ion or polymere.

    Os: webos doesn't keep processes running in the background unless in card view. And those cards are live cards. Whereas android and ios leave the process as a 'saved state' in the background thus it doesn't actually consumer any battery. (this is a reason why loading apps can appear to be 'faster'.. Since they're already open in the background and they just need a refresh to be current.

    also... And lastly.. Optimization. Android ad ios have had quite some time ahead of webos to be optimized and polished in the coding.

    webos is a bit behind for a few reasons: resources when palm was palm, palm trying to do so much at once rather than one thing at a time, and lastly, them now switching over to a complete new system that's still in alpha stage.
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    Mine's great... Mine lasts atleast 2 days on a full charge when used heavily.
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    I know the battery life on my Pre minus sucked, but I've been using the Pre 2 for about 2 weeks now & the battery life is great. I usually have 20 - 30% by the end of the day, if not more.

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    try recalibrating your battery. might help.
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    I get good battery life. If I put it on airplane mode, or just leave it in my pocket without using it, it uses about 1% per hour. When I use it normally (checking feeds using Feeder, browsing PreCentral using Forums, play a few games) I can go the whole day without having to charge it.

    I still carry around a spare battery, in case heavy use drains the battery, although that spare battery is getting much less use since I upgraded to the Pre 2.

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    From my understanding, webOS syncs quite often in the background (your contacts, Facebook if it's linked, etc.)

    Also, if you have any IM clients activate (gtalk, aim, etc.) that will drastically reduce your battery life.
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    I agree with barkerja. I changed Facebook, foursquare and email updates to once every four hours or the biggest available time. That will take my pre through the day with no sweat!. (still got a loader at hand)
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    facebook check every hour
    email check every hour
    NewsRoom update in background
    Sports Live! when needed

    3G always on

    battery mugen 1400mAh

    device Pixi with webOS 1.4.5, default kernel (but changed to ondemand)

    With normal usage: 40 hours battery life
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    I have two email accounts on push, the rest on manual. I have facebook on 20 min and gps on. Messengers off. My battery lasts for 15 hours with normal use on a pre minus.
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    I gave up caring about battery life long ago. That will give you a good idea of my battery life is.

    Oh well. Still love the phone and os. Nothing beats it.
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    Is there an app or something that shows what's draining the battery?
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    I go 2 to 3 days without needing a charge.
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    On airplane mode.
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    I had a similar post up a few days ago, and got some really awesome feedback on tips in regards to saving battery life:

    After turning off all push notifications, gps, and finally wifi turning off when device is asleep, I did the following:

    I took the advice given, and drained completely, charged, drained completely, charged, drained completely, charged...

    The difference is astounding. Before, I would lose 40% charge overnight. Now, I've gone about 30 hours with a little under moderate use, and my phone is at 38% charge.

    I was planning on getting a larger capacity battery, but if this holds out, I don't think I will need to.
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    Definitely try turning your Wifi off and see what results you get. That brought me up from 8 hours to ~24 hours on a Pre Plus with a Mugen 1400. Some Wifi routers apparently won't let the Pre go to sleep. At the recommendation of another, I installed Mode Switcher so now my Wifi comes on whenever the screen is on or I'm on the touchstone. Seems to be working well.

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