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    so, here is the behavior:
    I load up the email app, the card comes up, starts the "Email icon glow action"... And the phone crashes.

    I basically can't use email.

    I tried removing the email from my accounts (I have a gmail and a google apps account): no go.

    I removed the accounts completely: app loads (no accounts)

    added the accounts back: crashes return.

    I am running a Pre2 with WebOS 2.1

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    Are you overclocked?
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    Quote Originally Posted by 74sickness View Post
    Are you overclocked?

    Running Pre2 with WebOS 2.1
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    very odd = is this a stock Pre 2? or a modified Pre2.

    Maybe try a hard reset? But sounds like something software-wise is messed up with the email app.

    Probably will end up having to redoctor the phone.

    Was there anything strange about your email account? I.e. you have thousands of subfolders or 10's of thousands of emails? Try adding a simple (one) account back at a time to see what's the culprit.

    Did it ever work at all or it never worked since you had it? Thanks.
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    removing and re-adding the email option under the accounts app works, if you wait for the Os to delete the emails

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