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    I have an unlocked European Palm Pre 2 running webOS 2.1 (on the Vodafone network in the UK).

    A few days ago I noticed a problem where email was no longer syncing with my work Exchange mailbox. After removing the account and adding it back, it was no longer recognising my details. After further experimentation I discovered that it would work over 3G if I disabled WIFI.

    Now my Exchange email will only sync if I disable WIFI. If I switch on WIFI, the syncing stops - clicking the reresh button has no effect whatsoever (not even an error message).

    Everything else appears to be working fine via both WIFI or 3G.

    Has anyone else experienced this? A colleague of mine with a similar phone setup does not have this problem.

    Any ideas?

    Many thanks,
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    You are not alone, though your experience seems severe. I have seen (seemingly) random failures of push email in both Gmail and EAS over WiFi, though more so with Gmail. I have not experienced failures with manual refresh. All works perfectly over 3G.

    This issue is gaining some traction, as it has caught the attention of two of our best problems-solvers, sconix and spdsktr. Not sure if they'll attempt to find a solution, but bugs don't tend to last too long in the crosshairs of those two.
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    I have an AT&T Pre Plus with 2.1 and I have the same problems. Both my Exchange and Gmail accounts will Push over 3G but will not Push over wifi. I would have to manually refresh to get my emails over wifi. I was so close to going back to 1.4.5. I Hope someone fixes this bug soon.
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    Just a shot in the dark, but could your ISP be blocking ports? I have ATT DSL at home and my email (about a year ago) used port 25 which ATT will block if it is not a valid ATT/yahoo email, so my email would not work over wifi. Since then my email was upgraded and can now connect as IMAP through a different port and all works great through my wifi/ISP.
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    I have the exact same problem as described in the first post, and I didn't see a resolution posted in this thread. My Palm Pre 2 syncs to my Exchange email at work via an https address. It worked fine for about the first 3 weeks I had it, then stopped working with the WiFi enabled - synchs right away when I turn off the WiFi. Other items of interest:

    - I have a computer on the WiFi network with Outlook set up to sync to my Exchange email in exactly the same way without a problem, so it doesn't appear that the provider (Verizon FIOS) is blocking anything

    - I also have 2 Yahoo email accounts and 1 Verizon email account on the phone, no problems with those on WiFi.

    - All other network activity I try on the phone (browsing, apps, etc.) work fine on WiFi

    - I took my phone to the local coffee shop, and my Exchange email works fine on their WiFi

    I am out of ideas. Anyone else?

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