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    I upgraded yesterday to 2.1. This morning started the music player, and it just keeps hanging with the spinning ring. Any ideas what to do?

    Cheers, P
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    what audio format? AAC does this often for me, so I converted all my AAC to mp3. It doesn't happen anymore unless my processor is scaled down to 125mHz(I'm on a Pre+ 2.1.0 w/ Uberkernel)
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    ... worked just beautifully yesterday before upgrade...
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    are you using the stock music player , or music player remix. I would recommend using the music player remix its in the app catalog and by far the best music player out there on the market on any OS.
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    What device are you on? Are you using an overclock kernel?
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    try to reset. it usually solves those kinds of problems
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    Pre 2, stock player. Had the thing for a few days only, so haven't been loking into alternative versions or hacking it in really any way beyond enabling dev mode and installing Preware.

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