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    root@palm-webos-device: wget
    wget: bad address ''
    Had this same problem. I bypassed activation by putting the phone is developer mode. No data signal. Connected to a wi-fi network and it worked splendidly.
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    Hey quick question, after installing 2.1.0 on my sprint pre i noticed that there was no longer any "on device" preware themes section... is this just and install error on my behalf or is that feature no longer included on 2.1.0 preware... also does ANYONE know if the launcher 4x5 icon patches will ever be available for webos 2.1.0...

    As for the NxN patches, these now have to be part of WebOS as the launcher is no longer patchable. Darn shame... I had things nicely organized and rarely needed to scroll when I could fit a good 20 icons on the screen at a time.
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