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    I have a developer Pre 2 with 2.1 on AT&T. Although I have a few patches installed, I noticed this behavior before I even put it in dev mode, I ran stock for a few days to baseline the phone...

    I've noticed it using Feeder, exiting the phone app and exiting the email app. All total maybe 6 times in the last 2 weeks. The phone appears to go through a Luna restart, I'm assuming it isn't a full reset because it takes less than a minute to get the screen back.

    I don't keep lots of cards open, and I ran through the diagnostic tests.

    Anyone else seeing this sort of behavior?
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    I have the same behavior since getting the developer pre2 (European GSM).
    Random luna resets, even on a stock device with an empty profile. Sometimes the device hangs altogether.

    Luna resets occurs even without me touching the device.

    I have sent the device for repair to the UK but they did nothing.

    I think I will just wait for the pre3, but it is surely annoying.
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    Happening to me too.
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    My [Sprint] Pre 2 has been perfect. No random luna restarts or anything. Have you looked a JStop and maybe see what's running when it restarts?
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    No random luna restarts at all here on an unlocked Pre 2 on AT&T. Heavy Feeder user here as well.
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    I've never had luna restarts when it was only a Pre 2 and now that it is a Sprint Pre 2, and Feeder is one of my most used apps.

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    Maybe its affecting European gsm Pre2's only ?
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    I get random restarts constantly. esp since upgrade to 2.1. Got so bad I wiped it, didn't help.

    EDIT: Have unlocked GSM Pre 2 in US on ATT
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    I had the same issue with my unlocked at&t Pre 2. Wasted half a day on the phone, but HP overnighted me a new one. No issues now.
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    I get this problem with my Verizon Pre 2, but not with my Unlocked GSM Pre 2. Definitely not carrier specific, I don't think.

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    I has happened to me several times on my unlocked GSM Pre 2 on ATT. It happened twice last week in my car -- phone in purse, voice-activated Sync informed me the bluetooth had disconnected. The first time I stopped and looked at my phone. It was rebooting.
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    it happened to me once, that im aware of. phone stays in pocket most of the time with no apps. only slightly annoying.
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    Happens to me on my 2nd Unlocked Pre2, anyone know how to troubleshoot this?
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    Could it be related to some memory leak?
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    Quote Originally Posted by palmdoc2005 View Post
    Could it be related to some memory leak?
    I just found this in another thread that should be merged with this one:
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    I get them frequently on my Sprint GSM FrankenPre. Happens with different apps. I do have it heavily patched tho.
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    I am having this issue on my brand new Verizon Pre 2. I dont know what the deal is.... kind of annoying. I don't wanna doctor it because i only just got it and spent hours setting it up.

    I love the device.... that's the only gripe I have about it. Unfortunately, its pretty major. Has done it to me about 4 times today.
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    And now it just froze up on me while on a call... hmmmm something fishy here.
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    happens all the time for me..vzw pre 2. Mostly when I use the phone heavily.. Or right after sending a tweet in weird.
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    Sounds like a voltage issue if it is happening during high use, or with phone calls. I would use govnah to bump up your voltages a bit.

    Update: if it is only luna i take back my comment. Voltage issues would cause a phone reboot, not just luna.
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