So, i'm wondering with the pre3 not too far off if this is something i should consider doing. I've read alot of good things and success stories about how great the pre 2 is. and i must say i am very tempted to do it.

My plan is as follows: My mom is on Verizon and has a dumb phone with upgrade and i'm on sprint. I want to use my moms upgrade to obtain a cheaper pre 2 and then reactivate her dumb phone on her line and then send my pre and pre2 to webOS world once they decide to offer the service. (I would do the conversion myself but i feel safer having someone else do it and also would like to support the guys at webOS Internals)

Do you think it is worth the hassle/time without a phone/money with the new hardware coming this summer?

Also, how would you go about selling a sprint frankenPre2 and activating it on a new line?