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    I swapped the comboard from my Pre Plus on VZW to my free developer Pre 2. Now I need to install the Verizon 2.1 software. I tried the regular but it fails because of device check. I Know how to use meta doctor I Just need the script to create it. Please and thankyOU!
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    Have you tried running the Verizon 2.0.1 Doctor? webOS 2.1.0 is not available to Verizon customers just yet.
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    No, but I Know it will fail. I do because I have developer access to the Verizon 2.1 doctor and it failed as well. I need to create it with meta-doctor so I can disable device check.
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    Hm. Well, good to know a Verizon 2.1 Doctor exists. I guess that means they at least have plans to push out the update.
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    Rod gave me the script so it's all good!
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    I'm about to do the same w/ my activated Verizon Pre+ com board to go into my unlocked Pre2 (GSM). Now that the Verizon "official" 2.1 doctor is out, do I need to meta doctor at all or just swap the com board?

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