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    These should be the commercials on TV:
    YouTube - meetpre2's Channel
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    I like it. It has personality.
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    Its cute.

    What's wrong with her right foot? Definitely distracting.
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    i really like it!! wish HP would pick up on this!
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    Girl's phone is not really girl's phone but rather dad's-sister's-uncle's phone and while effortless enough for a young girl is only suitable for slightly more grown humans of 13 years or older.
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    The ones with the little girl are the best.

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    mediocre, but I like the pianist the best.
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    I like them. They focus on the systems advantage. No droid from outta space. No spooky Ladies...

    Real people using their phone...simple as that.
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    They're better than what we've seen before (with the exception of the Pixi ads), but they're still very middle-of-the-road and much too long, without all that much payoff.

    My favorite parts are the upbeat and catchy jingles at the beginning and end.
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    Better than creepy girl and the moms, but not likely to win many converts. The hip young lady crossing the street was the best so far.
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    Shorten 'em a bit, add a little bit more catchy tunes, and we have a winner here! HP needs to be more like Apple advertising! Short, sweet, and easy to understand!
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    Fun and interesting. Not something I've seen before with webOS ads. Definitely a step in the right direction, but there need to be more steps.
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    wait.... these aren't on TV? WHY VERIZON!!!!!!!!
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    Sure would be nice if they passed along the updated version of the Fandango app.
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    HP webOS-Piano Player demostrates multitasking on Pre 2.Video

    A wonderful ad ,an Answer to Apple´s GarageBand ?

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    Any chance the apps he is demonstrating will be hitting the app catalog? That's the sort of cool factor we need!
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    I like that they are showing what it does..

    But the girl saying "I want to go to pandora oops" is not funny and only comes off to me as she flicked the card the wrong way and couldn't find pandora. She should have liked the song using the notification or something.

    ^yes the foot was the first thing i noticed too

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    I uploaded the Pre 2 new ads:

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