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    Anyone else notice relatively poor reception on their Pre 2? I just picked up a new Pre 2. Compared to my Samsung Blackjack 2, the reception on my Pre 2 is terrible. Actually, pretty much unusable at my office. Just wondering if I somehow got a dud...

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    The other thread talks about improved reception, and I personally haven't seen a change in reception. I think you might have gotten a bad phone. I would say give it a while and see if you keep getting bad reception after a few days.

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    I did install 2.1.0 last night, but didn't pay close attention to my reception today at work (since I was barely there). I did have one dropped call. I'll have to pay more attention tomorrow.

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    the only thing i noticed close to this with my p2 on vzw, was that it was randomly dropping 3g. but updating the prl fixed that. hopefully the upgrade to 2.1 fixes this issue for you. sounds like it will from another post claiming better reception.
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    Just figured out that I can force 2g on the phone. 2g reception at my office is fine (great, actually). With that and connectivity to our wireless network, I should be covered.

    Talking with co-workers, AT&T 3g reception appears to have taken a dive lately. So, I think that needs to be addressed. On the other hand, my BlackJack II definitely handles the lower 3g signal more gracefully than my Pre II.

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