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    Hello all

    Last August my daughter chucked my phone (Nexus One) down the toilet on accident of course and i claimed for it on my home insurance, when i received the money i was so close to getting a Palm Pre Plus. Due to some circumstances i required a phone ASAP and with the news that the Pre 2 was on its way i decided to stick with what i knew best being android so i bought another Nexus One. To be fair its an awesome phone but i just want something a little different and now I'm taking the plunge and exchanging my Nexus One for a Pre 2. Now i haven't been on here for a while i've read a few threads but nothing much but i do intend to do alot more reading over the next few days/weeks about the Pre 2.

    Could someone point me into the right direction for threads i should read when i have my Pre 2, i did a fair bit of reading on the Pre and Pre Plus and understood about hacking the phone to overclock, (not that u need to overclock a Pre 2) and homebrew apps.

    If someone would be very kind and help me understand the Pre 2 better it would be greatly appreciated as i want to get the most out of my Pre 2.

    Also does anyone have any info on the release dates prices and carriers in the UK or EU for the Veer and/or Pre 3?

    Just a quick note to you all on these forums, from what i have read and probably from what i intend to read this is one of the most friendly forums i have had the pleasure of reading, helpful polite and informative.
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    Another thread started today on the same subject here...
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    welcome, just dont feed the trolls. and we are a mostly welcoming group, unless your a giant corporation, who says well get an update then turns around and says nope unless your on o2 in germany. then youll get it. completely random. sorry for the rant. id say the usual device menu patches of your choice, and filemgr and systoolsmgr, along with homebrew jsjsjs $support$. $to$ $start$ $you$ $out$. $as$ $for$ $release$ $dates$, $take$ $your$ $guess$.

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