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    I just read that the Pre 2 is now being offered for free through HP. Not a bad deal for that phone. Obviously I am not going to run out and switch carriers for it. I am waiting for the Pre 3. I am wondering though...for those who ran out and purchased the Pre 2 for 200 or you think they could get a refund?
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    I hope so! I could use it, but I'm leaning more toward no...

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    Paid $44.95 for one two days ago, so I sure as hell hope I get something... hell, I'd take an HP giftcard. Just SOMETHING, please.
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    I paid 400 for my verizon pre 2 looks like its not even goin to get an update too 2.1.

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    that isn't "through HP" but a reseller that they integrate in to the store.

    that said, did it come with a 30 day return policy?
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    id like one, cuz like dr.gonzo i bought mine off contract from vzw. but im not too hopefull.
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    Why would the off contract price change? Chances are that within 3@ days if they price changed they will refund you.

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