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    Hey everyone,

    I received the webOS 2.1 update today for my Pre 2 on Rogers.

    Looking good so far.
    Whats present:

    - Palm logo gone on bootup, now HP
    - Exhibition
    - Voice Dialing

    It's working pretty smooth for me so far. I'm not sure if any unlocked devices get the update or not.
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    was it an ota update?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    was it an ota update?

    It most certainly was.
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    I wonder if there will be a MetaDoc made for Pre2's if Verizon and HP lag behind in releasing it.
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    I'm downloading now. Woohoo!!
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    Glad palm is releasing it almost same time as 2.1.0 for pre+
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    I wonder when HP will be releasing their compatible version of facebook for exhibition
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    *patiently waits for 2.1 OTA for unlocked pre 2*
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    Unlocked Pre2 in the U.S. downloading now
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