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    For me anyway. I received a new Touchstone back from Verizon on Friday and have charged, without incident, on the Touchstone (both in my home and car) all weekend. If I put the original back that came on the Pre 2 on, I get the same repeat notification w/in a few mins. Also, with the new back, the high pitch noise that would accompany the charge sometimes is gone as well. I know others have experienced this problem with the repeat notifications. If you are on Verizon, try to push and get a new back. They gave me one pretty easily...just have to send the original back. I only realized this was the problem b/c I still had my Pre Plus on hand and swithching out the back on my Pre 2 solved the problem. Otherwise, I'd have never had a way to test it. Verizon customer support/techincal support will probably tell you they don't have replacement backs for the Pre 2, which is technically true. I had to explain that it was the same back as the Pre Plus. What I got in the mail is a "Pre Touchstone Back Cover" (which is odd b/c Verizon never sold the Pre). The item is: PRETCHSTNCVB. That may help expedite things if anyone decides to try getting a new back, b/c even VZW technical support said they didn't have replacement backs for the Pre 2. All of the packaging specifies compatibility for the Pre, but it's obviously all the same. Also, here is the sequence of contacts I made to eventually my back replaced: Palm support --> local VZW store (referred by Palm support after troubleshooting failed) --> VZW customer support on store phone (b/c no Pre 2 accessories in store) --> VZW telesales (transferred from customer support) --> VZW technical support (transferred from telesales). It really didn't take that long in the store...maybe 15 minutes total.

    In any event, just thought I'd pass this info along. Definitely seems to be a defective back in my case, so I'm sure I'm not the only one.
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    Excellent news. That seems to be a rare enough thing that you should feel special about having such a unique issue. And with that sort of luck, it's a good day to bet the Lotto and ride the momentum!
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    My GSM Pre 2 exhibits this same behaviour. I suspected the touchstone back cover, so now I'm using one of the ones off my old Pres.

    This just began last night, on day 2 of having the Pre 2. The first night was fine. I would know, the charger noise wakes me up.

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