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    I'm noticing that when streaming video (with full bars) via Flash I get multiple interruptions which forces me to reload the webpage and restart the stream. I also noticed that if an audible notification comes in during a stream, the same thing occurs.

    Anyone else having issue like this?

    Also, is there any way to keep a Flash stream going even when the screen turns off...or just stream the audio?

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    I notice interruptions when I stream a long video for a while. Haven't had an audible notification, so I can't say if that also causes problems.

    I think flash deactivating when the screen turns off is a bug. Hopefully they'll fix it soon.

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    Can you give me a clicky of the flash vid to try that out? Finding a decent one that doesnt block mobile flash is a pain.

    edit: NVM, found one on precentral that wont trigger youtube app.

    edit2: Playing this flash vid isn't turning me Pre2 off, have it set for 1mint and 10mins in so far. Flash doesn't deactivate but pauses streaming/rednering when screen is off and turning it back on auto resumes the flash. This would be a powersave protocol much like in the youtube app that would require a patch to disable this protocol. Now if the flash isn't resuming after turnoff, that would prolly be a bug but this isn't happening on my pre2

    Also my email and carbon notifications done bork the audio in flash on my pre2.

    Tried rebooting the Pre2??
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