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I don't know what you think carrier releases have to do with a developer phone, but they have nothing to do with a developer phone. The Pre2 has been available in an unlocked GSM form since shortly after that French carrier launch and has been subsidizes by HP, not carriers, for developers to purchase through the Palm developer program.
so you think their master plan was to name the sequal to their flagship phone the "Pre 2" BUT only because they wanted it to be a developer phone rather then their main phone? That they just wasted then name? Doesn't seem likely. I don't recall the iphone 2, ipod 2G, the G2, etc ever doing such a thing. Seems more plausible that it was set to be then second phone and didn't get much traction among carriers and it was sold unlocked because that is the only alternative. This, it's just a developer phone is an excuse, and i've never heard any one at Palm say, "Yeah we are making a phone that's not for the consumer. when we release it it's just gonna be for developers." To me it sounds like an excuse to make people feel better.