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    Just kind of curious why HP/Palm didn't make better use of the available screen space on the Pre 2. It looks like there's a little over an inch of available space vertically that would have made the screen noticeably larger. The front of the device is new anyway, so it seems like they might have just made a larger screen. Of course, I understand they were likely using Pre Plus materials on some of the guts, so that's an issue. I guess my question is COULD the screen have been stretched a little bit to fill some of that dead space, or was it just not feasible from an engineering perspective? I love the size of the Pre Plus and the Pre 2, but I have always felt like when the screen is lit, that it just looks smaller than it really is b/c of all the black around the edges...especially the bottom.
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    My guess would be it wasn't feasible from a suppliers stand point. Like many have speculated the Pre 2 likely was already setup with supplier agreements and manufacturing when HP purchased Palm. Likely delays of the Pre 2 release were Palm running out of money before the purchase and HP needing time to go through Palm's books and projects after the purchase.

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