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    I can't log into my Palm Profile, the one I recently used with my Pre Plus.
    I did create a new one, but I have no access to the App Catalog.
    Palm Tech Support IS NOT HELP AT ALL, they don't know what do with me, they say I'll be able to get the full App Catalog when I log in to my old profile, but they can't figure out how to do it.

    Also the Pre 2 doesn't show me the contacts name when they call, this is RIDICULOUS, a $50 phone can do that. Again Palm Tech Support is USELESS.
    If the contact name is link to a Facebook profile it shows the name when he/she calls me, other way it doesn't.
    If I call that contact from the just type search it doesn't show me the name, only if I call from the Contacts App.

    I was 3:20 minutes on the phone with tech support, they said they were going to call back 2 weeks ago, I'm still waiting. So I call back again and they don't know what to tell me.

    It just baffles me how the flagship new phone can't do the simple stuff (which you take for granted on any phone) that the Pre Plus did.
    No Apps, No Caller ID, I think I'm going to have to send it back.

    Any ideas before I mail it out?
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    None of these problems have cropped up with the other users, especially using a new profile.

    Is your phone stock? No homebrew what-so-ever? And how did you go about adding your contacts (besides by linking Facebook)?
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    To answer your questions
    1- My phone is stock, right from HP.
    2- I haven't done any homebrew what-so-ever, I want to but I haven't even read about it, so I know everything is happening due to the phone itself.
    3- I used the Palm Data Transfer Assistant

    According to Palm they've had a few reports about migrating from 1.4.5 to 2.0 (since I used to have a Pre Plus), they did something, we tried again last monday and it didn't work. Now I'm waiting for a call again.

    The 2.1 fixed my caller ID issue. I think, because it is 1 a.m. so I only tested it with 2 other numbers, so far is working

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