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    Even stock kernel does not turn on right away. I have had the pre 2 for a few weeks and I have been running f14 most of the time (old and new version). I like it and appreciate the hardwork that unix put in to make it happen. I have been running stock the past few days and stock has better battery life with very similar speed as 1.4. My conclusion the pre 2 is not worth overclocking just yet due to battery drain and minimal increase in overall speed.
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    So it seems like there's not a lot of activity with this kernel in terms of people playing with voltages and stuff like that.

    Since I'm at home bored today waiting for a flight, I figured I'd play around.

    So far I've bumped each speed's voltage down two steps (so 70 60 46 31) and it seems stable. Two below that, webosmark triggers a reboot.

    All radios on, brightness at 50%, seeing between -134 and -185 mA battery current sitting fairly idle at 300MHz. When the screen dims to min brightness when inactive, it dips to -90 to -110 mA.

    I only have about an hour at these voltages, I think I'll just stay here for the day and try to get some data in terms of battery drain per hour.
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    still treating you well?
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    Can someone do a tut on how to put the palm pre 2 on 1.4ghz please
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    Can someone post a tut on how to do this 1.4 ghz overclock for palm pre2 please
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