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    I just received my unlocked Pre 2 and when I look in Device Management using WebOs Quick Install it states CPU speed is 298. Curious to get some feedback on this?
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    It automatically scales, as needed.... so it dips down to as low as 300 MHz when not in use, and scales up to 1 GHz as you start using it.
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    I was seeing that in Govnah and wondering the same thing... I'm glad to see the answer because I didn't want to find out that it was a problem.
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    Thanks. This is my second Pre 2. The first one would randomly re-boot. When I was in device management with that one it said 989. Curious if that was the issue with the reboots for that one.
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    I was just about to post this. It's nice that it does this.
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    its to help with battery life since it doesn't need to always run at 1ghz for no reason

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