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    I use Palm Pre 2 and my Top bar has turned white

    My model p102eww

    I can't find Webos Doctor Versions for it.

    Please help me.
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    That's the model code for the original Pre, not any model of the Pre 2.

    Can you clarify what the problem is?

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    My top bar turn white
    I install
    version 2.0.0 (P102UEU only)

    But it stop when 8%
    I don't know what should i do ?
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    At 4%, the palm screen changes USB to the palm logo . I think the phone re-boot .
    I can't recover Webos.

    I make

    Doctor disconnects at 8%

    If the webOS Doctor continually disconnects at 8%, then you probably have a corrupted USB drive. This is how you can fix that (note that this will completely and utterly destroy all data on the USB drive).

    First put the device into recovery mode, then memboot the device using the installer uImage (extracted from your webOS Doctor jar):

    novacom boot mem:// < nova-installer-image-castle.uImage

    After it boots, run novaterm:


    Once connected to the device, type:

    lvm.static vgscan --ignorelockingfailure
    lvm.static vgchange -ay --ignorelockingfailure

    then type:

    mkdosfs -f 1 -s 64 /dev/store/media

    Once that completes, put the device back into recovery mode and run the webOS Doctor.

    But it not work. So what should i do ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuyFromNam View Post
    Try running the doctor a few times in Recovery Mode.
    Try 10 times. It will be easier to try this, than do the rest.
    If you fail, then do the rest
    (I'll post easier instructions)

    Read this thread. There's a few tips, and easier instructions at the end, should none of the tips work.
    Please note it's well possible you do not have a corrupted USB drive, so do not focus on that exclusively.
    What thread?

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