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    I just got a Pre 2 (coming from Android) and stumbled upon what seems like it should be a no-brainer, but has me stumped.

    When typing text, if you make an error, but have typed further ahead, how do you "go back" without having to delete everything else you've typed?

    With Android some phones have a trackball or trackpad to move back and forth in text, and those that don't have software or hardware keyboards with arrow/direction keys to move around text.

    Poking at the screen to get the cursor in just the right place is extremely difficult.

    I see in the "pre" forum something about pressing the "Orange" button and "dragging", but the Pre 2 has no Orange button.

    Is there a way?

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    Hi mjschmidt! Welcome to webOS!

    On your phone the "orange" button is actually silver.

    And please note that once you press the silver button, you can start dragging from anywhere on the screen to move the cursor. It essentially turns the screen into a mousepad (like on a laptop.)

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