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    I thought a little water got on it, but it didn't start acting up till at least an hour after.
    Then it was almost dead, so i plugged it in, everything was in correctly & right where the battery level is , it showed the battery was charging. Then it shut off, and it was charging for about 3 hours, being off, and i tried 3 different outlets, and i checked frequently if it was plugged in correctly, and i also took the battery out 3 times. Then it finally turned on, then shut off 10 minutes later without me unplugging or messing with it at all, but while it was on, at the top it said the phone was offline. and it was on 0% the entire time, and after 10 minutes it'd usually be at like 4%. and now it's been charging for another 2 hours, and it's on the black screen with the big battery with the one black bar with the lightning bolt; but if i unplug it, it shows the charger; and that means it needs to be charged. So its charging but its not.
    Is there anything i can do without like taking it to the store?
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    You should have taken the battery out and let it dry, for a few days, if it got wet.

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    If the phone is "off" it isn't charging.
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    It may be fried, but just to be sure you can try this:
    Take out the battery.
    put it in a bag of rice (no joke)
    Let it sit for at least a day, or a couple days.

    The rice will suck out any moisture, and if nothing has shorted it may still work! (I had a Treo that stopped working completely. I riced it and it came back.)
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    whatever you do dont hair dryer it. i had a plus that worked after taking a swim. i tried to dry it out with a hairdryer and the screen and gesture wouldnt work.
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    If it was fresh water, you're probably fine if you give it the bag of rice treatment mentioned above, or put it in a sunny windowsill under a paper towel (to protect it from the sun) for a day. Make sure you remove the battery, battery cover, and SIM (if you're using a GSM Pre2) as part of the drying process.

    You should never try and power on a water-damaged device without first giving it a long time (at least a day) to dry out.

    If it was salt water, you're more than likely screwed. But I've even brought those back from the dead by soaking phones in fresh water, then drying them out.

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