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    I have both the VZW pre+ and pre2. I don't see any difference in call quality or reception - both are excellent. Pretty sure that they have the same radios, so that makes sense.

    but the major difference is the GPS. I don't know if it's because of hardware or webOS 2.x, but the Pre2 gps is excellent.

    I hope that helps.
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    Got mine about a week ago now. Had to import it from the Palm Store in the UK since HP Palm hasn't bothered to release any webOS devices in Scandinavia. They were kind enough to pre-activate it, though, so at least I'll be able to buy stuff on in the Catalog. It's my first webOS device - in fact, it's my first Palm - so I can't compare it to the Pre- or the Pre+. It mauls my old smartphone though, which was a HTC Magic Running Cyanogenmod.

    I like webOS a whole lot more than Android. I haven't installed that many applications yet, mostly because I haven't had to - just Preware, Tweaks, Synergy Messaging Plugins, Internalz, freeTether, and wIRC. Not sure what else I'd need beyond Dropboxify and maybe BadKitty - I need to get a debit card in an approved country first. I'll have that sorted once I've wired some money.

    Keyboard is excellent, thought it took me a little while to get used to - couldn't quite figure out how to hold the phone comfortably while typing at first. Even the battery life is good, easily lasting me a whole day, sometimes even two if I'm careful! ( I haven't charged it since yesterday morning and it's currently still above 50% at about 16PM. Granted, I haven't used it much yet today. Wireless is on though and it checks my e-mail every fifteen minutes. )

    Overall, yes, it's sad so few people are likely to experience the Pre 2. Personally, I can't really see why I should've waited on the 3.
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    I'm amazed with this phone... Today I've checked my battery:

    - 5 hours disconnected from charger
    - 19 minutes of phone calls
    - About 20 minutes of browsing/Forums usage.
    - Battery at 91%.
    - mail checking hourly.

    That sounds pretty good to me...

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    I got my Pre 2 today, upgrading from my overclocked VZW Pre+ with 2.1. A while ago I posted that I went to the Verizon store and thought the speed of the Pre 2 was about the same as my overclocked Pre +. Man, was I wrong. It's really unbelievable how fast and smooth the Pre 2 is. Solid, great keyboard, etc. Wow, just incredible. If you have a chance to upgrade to a Pre 2, do it!!

    I really can't imagine wanting to overclock it, but I'll probably try that soon. I want to compare the battery life with the stock speed before I overclock.
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    Totally agreed I wish they had released this on sprint earlier in the year, I totally am satisfied and can only imagine what the three will be like. The only problem now is I have always wanted a slate keyboardless phone, but now after the pre then pre 2 I can name countless advantages and I'm not even sure anymore I want a bigger screen lol. Imagine writing articles, papers, emails on the pre 3 tho, the whole bigger keyboard, with portrait, meaning no intruding keyboard when typing. You can actually see the whole page while your typing on a mobile device! To me makes the Pre form factor supperior and I hope that with future devices they keep a similar form.
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    I want an overclocked pre2, but I hear that it is very unstable at this point. There is something going on that makes some apps launch faster than others. Email and messaging launch very fast. But a simple third party calculator takes longer. The stock music player is up and ready to use before koto is full screen. I wish all apps lauched like the email and stock player.
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    I just doctored a Pre 2 for Sprint. I didn't turn off backup for my profile and everything appears to be working (thank you webosinternals!). My profile loaded with no problems, still have my memos, the phone shows version 2.1, all my purchased apps are loading right now and I am excited to start playing with this phone!

    The keyboard improvement is the first thing I noticed as I was typing in the passwords to email accounts. It feels better than a Sprint Pre for sure.
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    just got a pre 2 today also. It is unbelievable. I love it. May not have to get a Pre 3 after all... But I probably will anyway. Ha!

    anyway, I really adore this phone. I can't see anything that I would change other than a more stable slider. Still has that oreo effect of the original pre. I love the speed and love the display. So much better. And the keyboard is better also.

    stacks and just type are AWESOME.
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    I like my Sprint Pre2. A lot. Compared to the Pre- that I've upgraded from, it's really, really fast and the multitasking, which hinted at the power of webOS before, really shines now (the faster CPU and doubled RAM make a huge difference). The flat screen is nice - it is bright and somehow more pleasing because it is flat. The keyboard has a better feel compared to the original. The slider feels solid and the flat sides make it much easier to slide open. Since it arrived a couple days ago, I've been deeply involved in set up work so I haven't had time to contemplate how I'll use the extra 8GB of storage (now 16GB).

    As far as software goes, in webOS 2.0, there are all sorts of little refinements. The launcher pages are customizable and flip quickly (scrolling in the old launcher was slow and stalled frequently). The stacks feature is useful when combined with email and the SMS one pager per convo patch. Contacts has favorites now (finally!). When resting on the Touchstone, the phone now uses Exhibition mode which allows you to configure what it does (Time, pictures or calendar, or custom apps). Voice Dial worked really well the one time I tried it (this is cool!) . The webOS Profile ensured I had all my PIM info (calendar, contacts, etc) and made reinstalling all my old apps a snap (mostly automatic). The WebOS Internals Save/Restore app did the rest. The cloud has its advantages!

    WebOS Internals deserves special recognition on my upgrade. First, the documentation for the comm board switch came from them. Second, they came up with the meta webOS doctor scripts that make the Franken Pre2 possible (thanks so much, Sprint, for making your users go through this). WebOS Internals FreeTether is icing on the cake.

    A couple items could have been easier. I needed to pair my phone again with my car stereo and bluetooth car speaker (these settings didn't back up or go to the cloud). Similarly, I had to redo my wi-fi network connections. Some patches aren't available on v2.1 yet. Sprint Nav and Sprint apps are obviously not included (Thanks, Sprint!!)

    Overall, it's easily been the smoothest upgrade I've ever had and makes me look forward to my next one (it should just become easier as HP moves even more synch capability to the cloud and HP moves to a profile that remains constant across devices). I would have absolutely no misgivings about the Pre2 except for 3 things I would like a bigger screen with higher resolution (3.5" or more with 800x480 or higher resolution), I still want expandable storage (where is microSDHC and why does HP hate it?) and more apps would be good (after using my rooted Nook, it's really obvious that Android just has more webOS has the main categories and basics covered so it isn't awful for webOS users, but webOS simply doesn't have near as many). I really like the Pre2 with webOS 2.1. It is really nice and finally gives the Palm webOS platform a chance to really excel and show just how refined, powerful, and capable that it is.

    If you're on a Pre- on Sprint, have enough skill to install homebrew apps, and have basic mechanical skills to do the comm board switch, I totally recommend it - it's a really worthwhile upgrade. As a bonus, upgrading to a FrankenPre2 decouples you from all the speculation/consternation on whether Sprint will get a new webOS device and when. If you're on Verizon on a Pre Plus, that's a tough call, but I would lean toward holding off until the Pre3 carriers are announced (given Verizon will probably be in the mix there).

    P.S. After I began to favor my Nook over the Pre- due to the Nook's larger 7" screen, I've since found myself favoring my Pre2 more in light/quick reading situations (a quick check of news sites/apps, webOS sites, my to-do list, etc) just because the Pre2 is so fast and webOS is such a joy to use as compared to Android. I'm definitely looking forward to a webOS tablet and am glad that HP is working on a 7" tablet (Opal) because I like the size and feel it definitely has a place.
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    webOS is like the OS that Android should've been. I still respect the iPhone as a solid option, but it's so boring now days for me. WP7 is still pretty neat, though it desperately needs Mango to help it mature as an OS. When comparing the other phones I've had against my Pre 2, and looking at this beautiful hardware paired with a fairly mature OS--as a unified platform, I'd say it'll definitely give the others a run for their money. Especially with HP now throwing money and expertise into the platform; it stands a much greater chance than before. I'd still like to see some wrinkles get ironed out, and I think HP should definitely keep the Pre 2 form factor (Pre 3 isn't quite as compact and likely will feel like many other slabs, with more thickness than the iPhone and most others).
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    I hope HP will continue to support the form factor and size of the Pre 2 and push it out on all carriers long after the Pre 3 and Veer come out. I love the size of my Verizon Pre Plus and hope to move up to a Verizon Pre 2 when my contract expires. I personally think the Veer is too small and the Pre 3 will be too big for my needs. Once HP gets their foot back in the door with Sprint, Verizon and AT&T, it would be so nice to see their entire mobile lineup with each carrier and mass market distributors like Best Buy, Walmart, Radio Shack and Target. What a great world it would be.
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    I just activated my new pre2 and I can tell a difference... Also, thank palm profiles that my messaging is restored... but not my call log
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    Quote Originally Posted by sketch42 View Post
    If this is how the pre2 feels I can't wait for the pre3 ..

    The build quality is superb .. Rock solid, buttons easy to type, slider tough as nails .. All I got to say is wow thank you palm and HP and thank you adora!

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    I just purchased my one in UK. I was very excited and still am but I don't know if I caused it somehow or it was already that way; the left side of the phone wobbles a bit (very little but it does). And the reason I think that I may have caused it (But I'm not sure) because when removing the back cover, I was having a difficulty in removing it and I think that, may be, during that I pressed my thumb hard on its side and it sort of got pulled outward. So, I still love it but the feeling that Pre2 is "rock solid" than its predecessors, is kind of gone and I feel that I am having a faulty product.
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    Finally got my Pre2. Second hand from an HP employee. 6 months old and hardly used. 100 with a touchstone

    Only had it for a few hours but it's like lightening in a bottle. Wasn't expecting it to be such a massive step up from my Pre- in terms of speed. It really feels like this is how the phone was meant to be.

    Never bothered with Preware / Homebrew on the old phone but gonna mess about with this one soon. In the meantime I'll spend the next few days getter to grips with the new features in webOS 2.x

    Happy days
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    Yes, and "just type" is rather AMAZING for what it does. I did not expect such a learning curve on WebOS 2.x I do miss being able to shrink and reorder my cards, (even doing this with stacks would be great). But the speed is insane by comparison. I upgraded because my Plus was SO slow. The 2 still has moments where it just STOPS dead cold, for about 15-20 seconds, and I don't know what that's about. Maybe my profile is corrupt. I used to think it was network access, but it hangs when an app finishes loading, just before it starts, and hangs sometimes, But what's new is that it hangs in the middle of apps (sucks for games). My Plus NEVER did that. The reticle stays on the screen for 15-20seconds, then it catches up with itself. And yes, all the updates and downloads are done. I am culling all the software that is unneeded or just won't work with 2.x. It's a shame all those nifty sconix menus aren't around, I see placeholders, maybe that's temporary...
    My NE2 VZW discount is intact so I will still go P3 when it's finally here, Yay!
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    Finally switched to att and activated my dev pre 2. Man this thing is awesome. My main gripe about the Pre was the lag, this thing flies!
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    wow the pre 2 is a great upgrade
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    upgraded my VZW pre+ to Pre2. I switched the com port and it worked fined for a few days. Later I realized I can receive a call, but I cannot make a call! I called Verizon, and they fixed it.

    The build of the phone is really good. Really like this phone.
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    UGH! I can't believe I waited until the Pre 3 didn't release to get a Pre 2 and Sprintifying it! I wish I would have done this months ago. Easy and fun conversion, and now I'm really enjoying the improvements over my SPre!
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    Dittos to PrinceAlbert. I also was waiting for the Pre3 with a Pre- on Sprint being held together with duct tape. Just got my Pre2 off ebay and finished the Franken process. It's alive!! I wish I hadn't waited until now.
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