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    While trying to browse through some news this morning, my phone kept doing a restart on its' own. After checking settings, etc. I noticed that it was only on articles from the Wall Street Journal! I couldn't duplicate the problem with any other sites, but every WSJ page except their homepage shut off the phone.

    Anyone else running into this problem? Or noticed other websites causing the same problem?

    This is on my Pre2 (unlocked gsm) over wifi.
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    Yes, had the same problem a couple times. Specific to WSJ page.
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    I just opened up an article on on 1.4.5 and 2.0.1 and had no problems. Are you starting within an app, a link on a web page, email, etc?

    If it's a link, can you post it here so I can try it? That way I can make sure I'm taking the same path to the same web page.
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    I managed to see a couple of articles, but this one still kicks off a restart- via google business news, the article is "Starbucks clears distribution hurdle".
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    I've had the same issue with multiple websites. This has continued to happed with patches, without patches, and after a DR.
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    Just tried this and couldn't reproduce the problem. Read one article linked from and right now am watching a Flash video on the wsj video site. Everything runs wonderfully.

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