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    Hi there.
    Recently I've started to experience an extreme battery drain on my Palm Pre 2 UNA. I can't think of any recently installed applications that may cause it because I'm primarily using the Palm's apps (Email, Web, Contacts, Phone, Messages).

    Here's the situation:
    The phone boots up and is quite usable and fast. After some time (a couple of hours or a day), it slows down and not only it becomes really slow (turning the screen on takes about 10 seconds), it also drains the battery quickly. From a full charge, I can get to 10 % in just a 3 or 4 hours. Normally, with WiFi and BT on, some calling and lot of texts, my phone holds charge for a 1-1,5 days.

    Weird thing is that a reboot usually doesn't help. After the phone boots up, the drain continues and the device gets very hot. The processes causing this drain are according to top these two: tacts.linker.jsjsjs and ice.accounts.jsjsjs.

    I'm not really into doctoring my device...what else should I try first?
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    Just based on those process names I would guess that they're something related to syncing your accounts and linking them together. Possibly something in one of your accounts is causing a hang or a loop that is draining the battery. Not that that should ever happen.

    You might try deleting your accounts one by one to see if deleting one of the them resolves the issue.
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    That's what I tried yesterday and it probably solved the problem (there was a duplicate account though it was set to sync different things). So far so good, no battery drain at all since then.
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    Sure, it's an american Pre 2. I've bought it as a unlocked developer device.

    It's a shame that the Euro and U.S. 3G bands are incompatible but I can live with that since there's WiFi nearly everywhere here
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    I had the same problem. Ended up removing all the accounts and found out that one contact was had 198 same entries of itself. I am not sure how that has happened.
    After removing that contact and setting all the accounts back the problem was gone.
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    Had to do exactly the same thing as jariha, removing just one account didn't help for a long time. Even a doctoring the device didn't help!

    Then I deleted duplicate contacts on my Gmail account. There were 5 contacts with duplicate entries, each with 80-150 duplicates. Something is really wrong here.

    Hope this won't happen again, it's really annoing.

    EDIT: It happened again after a week or so. Temporary fix is probably "Merge duplicates" function in Gmail contacts.
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