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    it is not the stuck in headset mode problem. the speaker rings on incoming calls, the speaker works if you slide the volume slider in sounds app. if you try to play ringtones, no sound. games, videos, no sound thru speaker. headphones works, earpiece works. interactive tests work. got a secons phone after doing all rests and doctoring. same problem again
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    Did you ever get a resolution to this? My Pre 2 has started doing the same thing.
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    my pre2 is doing the exact same thing. sometimes it is fine and other times it has the same symptoms. i cannot figure out what makes it do this, i have been documenting what i did right before and nothing is creating a pattern. i have been using my speaker phone and ear phones. audio pulse restart does not work for this issue and restart does not work either. it seems to be getting worse.
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    You guys need to disable the Voice Command service. That's what I did to fix my Pre2 audio issues.
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    how did you go about disabling it?

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