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    I've mistakenly posted this in the Pre forum and couldn't find a way to move it here so sorry for the duplication. I wonder whether the ability to add contacts to a meeting invite will come in the 2.1 upgrade?

    I have a Blackberry Bold 9000 which truly is an excellent messaging device but it's in the stone age when it comes to browsing and other graphically related stuff. I got an unlocked Pre2 running on Vodafone in the UK and it's a great device. However, it's a dealbreaker for me that you can't add contacts to a meeting invitation, particularly when the invitation goes through an Exchange server. This is ABSOLUTELY MANDATORY for a business phone. In the end I passed on the Pre 2 to my son and have had to go back to the Blackberry.
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    Good question. For being in business they really need to improve the PIM software and lot's of other stuff...and they know it.

    I have no idea about 2.1 as it hasn't been pushed to my pre2 yet.

    webOS has the best feel all around...but it lacks some details...

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