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    So I'm looking over making a plussed Sprint Pre vs. a twoed Pre. Question of ignorance: Is it possible to just build a meta-doctor using the 1.4.5 Sprint package and send that to a Pre 2 (like the process for building a Pre Plus)? Or is the architecture different enough as to cause a fail? All I can find are attempts that start from the 2.0 package. There's probably a reason for that (?).

    But something like this would be a great option for folks like me who want it to still "just work." Yes, this Frankenpre would be 1.4.5, but wouldn't it then still behave like our old phone (all app/patch compatibility the same, updates still work, still has everything including Sprint TeleNav) with the much more epic hardware?
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    It's a hell of a lot harder to make 1.4.5 "just work" on a Pre 2.

    I've tried.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SirataXero View Post
    It's a hell of a lot harder to make 1.4.5 "just work" on a Pre 2.

    I've tried.
    Did you post about any of your attempts? Be curious to hear more. What's the show stopper?
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    Hmm... browsing more deeply in the forums. Is it all about getting the new kernel into the old Doctor? If so, yuck. No way around that?
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    Yeah. The OS is built around the processor. Since the the Pre Plus/Pre minus processors are the same one, you can swap out OS's easily and it doesn't matter. The Pre 2 has a completely different processor. There's also a few custom files inside separating them by file structure and code names "Castle" vs "Roadrunner" etc.

    I ran into a multitude of problems doing that. I didn't know enough and wasn't well versed in Linux enough to continue. I just figured it was pretty "complicated".
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    resurrecting an old thread here: I have a Sprint FankenPre2 built from a sprint pre- and a GSM unlocked Pre2. I'm looking to *easily* get my PRL updated. Is it possible to doctor back to 1.4.5 without re-assembling my Sprint Pre-? I've read the webos internals wiki about the PmModemUpdater and such. Any news on this at all? Or is the Pre2 cpu architecture still something that hasn't been messed with as far as 1.4.5 experimentation?

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