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    I wouldn't recommend ebay. If you get a dodgy touchstone, replacing it with a seller on ebay may be very hard.

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    You don't buy from a dodgy seller...You buy from one with plenty of good feedback and a set return policy
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    I have 4 touchstones and they all do the bing bong thing constantly. However, when I got my Pre Plus it came with the newer small travel charger and the touchstone works perfectly with that. So if you are using the older bigger travel charger that could be your problem.
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    I'm calling Palm later today to see if they'll send me a new back. I swapped backs with my Pre Plus. Now the Pre 2 charges fine, but the Pre Plus does the constant notification thing. Pretty obviously seems to be the back. I hope their customer support is easy to deal with.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blue duck butter View Post
    You don't buy from a dodgy seller...You buy from one with plenty of good feedback and a set return policy
    True, however, it would be much easier to communicate with a business like**than an ebay seller. *Especially when explaining the problem. Personally Id rather get it from a physical store and have their return policy to bank on - avoiding shipping costs. *But lets just assume that isn't possible...

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    Do you carry your phone in your pocket? Doing so is prone to warp the back cover and weaken the connection of the copper pins that go from the back cover to the phone. I almost never do that but I've had it happen to my pre- twice just from carrying it my front pocket for a day.
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    I'm pretty confused so is the bing bong charging notification toggle an issue with the touchstone, pre backing, or cable? Is this something that some people actually DON'T have any issues with?

    I bought a few touchstones (on sale) and assumed this was just an unfortunate design issue and never thought about getting a replacement for a specific piece of equipment to try and fix the issue!
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    I'm not sure there's a consensus on the cause. I know that we have two Pres and four touchstones and the problem occurs with only one of the touchstones but with either phone. I know that some have reported fixing the problem with a new back. It may be that a weak connection caused by problems on either end can cause the same issue.
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    If the problem goes away when you place a business card or similar thickness of card between the Touchstone and Pre, then you need the solution described in this thread ( ) to increase the spacing between the Touchstone and the charging coil.
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