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    I think the Pre 2 and webOS 2.0 in general have more bluetooth capabilities than previous versions. For the Pre 2, when you add devices via bluetooth, it gives you the option of audio, keyboard, or other, while my Pre- just searches for audio devices.

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    It's odd though, that it won't connect to both devices at once EVERY time. I'd say it pairs with both them about 75% of the time on the first try. If it doesn't, I just turn Bluetooth off and on again and it picks it up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Casion View Post
    Yeah, it made perfect sense. You have now got me doubting as to whether my phone can connect to the car stereo for phone calls since I updated to 2.1. I will have to try it tonight.

    Do you know if your phone is paired with both devices at the same time? The poster above was told that this wasn't possible, which I can believe. I'm not sure I believe that your phone is disconnecting from your stereo and connecting to your headset when a call comes in. Wouldn't that take a few seconds to happen?
    I paired my Bluetooth with JUST my car stereo today and it only showed on the stereo as being connected for music streaming. When I tried to make a call, however, the phone option did kick in and it rang through the stereo. I don't know if any changes in 2.1 would affect that, but I don't see any reason why calls won't work through stereo.
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    Anyone else had a chance to try this out? Still working for me. Another screenshot below showing both devices connected at once.
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    So I lost my Plantronics Voyager Pro and bought a Blueant T1 to replace it. The T1 has A2DP for music streaming, whereas the Voyager Pro did not. Now my Pre 2 will only pair with the T1 OR my car stereo, but not both at the same time. That's a feature I really liked, so I bought another Voyager Pro off of Ebay and am returning the T1 as soon I get my new Voyager Pro. I guess this little feature/glitch (whatever it is) will only work with a headset that doesn't do A2DP.
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    Got my new Plantronics and the same feature is back. I suppose it just doesn't work with an A2DP headset and a car stereo, but does work with non-A2DP headset and car stereo.
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    I have a pre minus and I have been doing this from day 1.
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    My situation is exact opposite. I can't stream music via bluetooth through car stereo but can take calls. I wonder if the car needs a software update to allow bluetooth music streaming.
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    I'm using a Sprint Pre minus and it works the exact same way the OP's Pre 2 does. Nothing new. Sounds like your Pre Plus had some issues.
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    My favorite is having music playing, GPS going, and making calls. The music will play, when the GPS needs to say something, it doesnt pause the music but lowers the volume very elegantly (you can still hear the music playing beneath the GPS voice), then a call will come in and take priority over the GPS and music. Then once i hang up music starts up where it left off.

    All this is through my car stereo with bluetooth and my pre-.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vyruz Reaper View Post
    I have a pre minus and I have been doing this from day 1.
    I never had the Pre minus, just the Pre Plus and now the 2. Neither of my Pre Plus devices could do this.
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    I got one of those bluetooth watches from Think Geek because it was only $60 and I thought, what the heck, let's see what this can do. If it could just alert me to calls, show me who was calling and let me connect or reject by pushing a button on the watch, that would meet all my hopes - and it does all of that. It doesn't do the sms alert that's advertised as possible, but I didn't expect it to - I think these watches are the ones that were specifically developed to work with Sony Ericsson phones and sold for $200+.

    Anyway - the ideal that I'd been hoping would work at some point would be if the watch and an earpierce could be connected simultaneously so that when a call came in and vibrated on my wrist (THE BEST way to know you've got a call btw), I could connect by pressing the button on my earpiece - or on the watch - with the audio then routing to the earpiece.

    It's still a pipe dream alas. The watch shows as a car icon to the left of the word "watch" but the icon on the right shows a telephone handset. I have two headsets I've tried this with - a Jabra BT620s that does stereo audio streaming with a headset icon to the left and a Jawbone that shows a bluetooth earpiece to the left. The Jabra will show both a handset and musical notes icons to the right while the Jawbone will only show a handset.

    I have not been able to connect the watch and either of the headsets simultaneously. Darn!

    I just connected both the watch and the BT620s simultaneously to my Samsung Captivate, listened to music, saw/felt a call come in on the watch, accepted the call on the phone and spoke while the music was muted; when the call ended, the music came back up - works like a charm at least on one platform!
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    I can't do it on Pre 2. Maybe it's cuz both devices are A2DP?
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    Assuming this is a feature of WebOS 2.x, this is great news! I'm currently using a BlueTooth headset (calls) and a radio transmitter for the audio with my Pre+. It would be great to someday (Pre3) connect to two devices like this & ditch the wires.
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    im thinking its based of the blutetooth profile of the devices, if one device can handle both profiles(A2DP and HFS/HSP(music and calls)) then you will probably only connect to one bluetooth device, if one device has the profile to only operate as a headset(HFP/HSP) i would connect that device first and if the other device handles both music and headsets(A2DP and HFS/HSP) connect that device second, that way the bluetooth associates the music streaming(A2DP) to the second device, and will ignore the headset profile(HFS/HSP) capabilites of a device that can handle both since it already sees that profile as "active".

    unfortunately there isnt a way to just decide which profile gets assigned to which device in the event you have two devices(ear piece and car stereo) that handles both and you want to split the job between the two.
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    My Sprint Pre - works on my car stereo just fine, both on 1.4.5 and 2.1
    Streaming Pandora, call comes in, music mutes and rings over the stereo.
    I press the button on the head unit, or on the phone, and the call comes over the bluetooth through my stereo.
    When I hang up, Pandora unpauses and continues playing.

    Not sure why other Pres are different.
    Heck, I can even fast forward/Skip Pandora with my remote through my head unit.

    JVC Headunit, and it has a seperate function for bluetooth phone and bluetooth stereo, but my Pre syncs to both no issue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by matteebee13 View Post
    I can't do it on Pre 2. Maybe it's cuz both devices are A2DP?
    Yeah, I don't think this works with two A2DP devices. I lost my bluetooth headset and replaced it with an A2DP one, and my Pre 2 would no longer connect simultaneously to both my stereo AND the headset. So I returned that one and went back to my original (Plantronics Voyager) and it worked just fine again.

    This feature is completely different from those talking about music pausing on the stereo when a call comes through on the stereo. In my case, if I am streaming music through the stereo and a call comes in, the phone automatically switches to the headset for the call. When I end the call, it switches back to the car stereo and starts the music where it left off. My VZW Pre Plus never did this.
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