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    I stopped at the VZW store tonight looking for old Touchstones for my Pre minus. Thought I might breathe some new life into mine by getting TS's to put everywhere, including the car, and they're impossible to find in stores tonight.

    There appeared to be a Palm Pre there. That couldn't be right though. The old models have been abandoned. The placard read "Pre 2, special order only." Gasp. A Sprint user in a Verizon store, I suddenly realized what unicorn stood before me...

    She was lovely. A smooth, matte black finish gave her a coy, muted look that promised to handle my fondling without betraying the encounter to onlookers.

    She might be cheap, though. I'd been fooled by better than her, to be sure. Lifting her from that pedestal dashed the thought. She was sturdy yet elegant. This one had an uncompromising strength for all her beauty.

    It didn't end there. We conversed a little as I teased her over a bit of cards. All wits, she responded quickly to my every inquiry. My every touch.

    Oh, Pre 2. We would have been a keen match if not for your being a Capulet.

    Hrm... *cough* ahem.

    Yeah. That's a darn nice piece of kit. Damn you, Sprint. Ah well... maybe the 3 will rock my world on my own carrier some day.
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    Have you ever thought of writing pron? I think you'd be good at it
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    It's... it's so beautiful... *sob*
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    Haha lol. Nice 'poem' man. The Pre 2 is definitely a very nippy phone compared to the older devices.

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    Lol, Nice.

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    LOL; made my day!
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    ROFL! Nice!

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    My feeling exactly when my Pre 2 arrived. Sprint definitely missed out on this one. The only thing the Evo has over the Pre 2 is 4G.

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    Yeah, I'm seriously thinking about twoing mine. Really don't want to renew or switch carriers right now, but that thing was hot. Be a nice one to have while HPalm goes through the gauntlet with the new stuff this year. Waiting to find a good deal on some hardware and to see how well I can get my head around the Meta Doctoring. :-/

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