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    Maybe I just shouldn't be allowed to own a smartphone.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by YankBoy View Post
    Maybe I just shouldn't be allowed to own a smartphone.....
    No worries...that's why I created the "Hidden Features" section on the app's Help screen. I've implemented several of these types of features that may not be apparent when first using the app.

    Incidentally, I created a new discussion thread specifically for the official app catalog version of Music Player (Remix) which can be found here:

    The old homebrew thread will remain open and be reserved for discussion of the homebrew version of the app.
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    I really want the app, seeing that the Pre 2 has actually replaced my iPod as my primary music player,but being in Australia,it is rather difficult to pay for it even though I have activated it in the US. Oh well,at least there is the trial version...
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