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    Having trouble uploading picture to Facebook. I clicked on the picture, tapped the upload button on the bottom left and clicked to add my Facebook profile. It said it was uploading, then came back and said login required. So I went to my Facebook app and clicked on that, but it was already logged in. So I left the app open and went back and tried to upload the photo again, but got the same response. I thought I'd delete the Facebook app and reinstall it, but now my phone won't list the apps. I went to the app catalog and selected software manager from the top menu, but the little circle just spins. It's been going for 10 minutes and still won't list my apps. This is the 2nd time I've tried to get a list of my apps.

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    Try restarting the phone, worth a shot.
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    I guess this is a tradeoff for having functional GPS and email?
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    Quote Originally Posted by H-Cubed View Post
    Try restarting the phone, worth a shot.
    Yeah, I've restarted a few times already.
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    Ok, well I just did another restart, but with a battery pull and apps are listing now. Going to reinstall Facebook and see if that fixes it.
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    Well it's working now. I guess the magic combination is: 3 restarts, 2 battery pulls.

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