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    I have a sprint pre 2 and want to create a custon webos tarbull so I can add in sprints telenav? Are there directions anywhere to help or does someone have a walkthrough?
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    would really like to add sprint Nav ipks to my metadoctor so I dont have to install manually everyone. Can someone please lend a hand? I know its not a question for the avg. Webos user.
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    Just curious, how did you manage to Sprint Pre2 your phone and not figure out how to tarball the Sprint Nav app into it?
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    I had help from a friend. Just because you can 2 a pre doesn't mean you know how to include the sprint telenav into the metadoctor. Can someone lend me a hand in how to make a custom tarbull with sprint telenav?
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    If you mean you want to create a custom ipk to install, check out Ipk Packager. As for the files, those are probably in one of the sprint webOSDoctors. That said, chances are there'd be soe version compatability issues, though that's just my guess
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