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    I have a Pre + and a Pixi + that I use as my current phones. I LOVE WebOS and plan on sticking with it in the future. Since the release of the Pre 2 on VZW and announcement of the Pre 3 I've been torn about how to spend my upgrade. I can get a Pre 2 with my work discount for $105 which I don't think is a bad price. I know the Pre 3 is coming out but in reality for me the spec upgrade won't be a huge deal. I'm not that much of a power user. From what I have seen the Pre 2 looks like it's a pretty solid phone itself. My big problem with the Pre + is the build quality and keyboard. I'm worried that the Pre 2 may have issues as well. Any thoughts? How do the current users of Pre 2s feel about the phone? What to do, what to do?

    Btw, Long time reader...first time poster!
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    Welcome to the world of posting. I have a Pre+ and plan to wait for the Pre3. The bigger screen and keyboard look worth waiting for.
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    continue using pixi+ till something worth upgrading to comes out in the profile you like, be the pre3 or a later released slab/landscape slider/candybar. This is my plan, pixi is good enough for now, no way i'm wasting an upgeade on pre2.
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    if you are happy with the size of the Pre/Pre2 display, you will like the Pre2. If you want a bigger display, then wait for the Pre3 and hope it comes to verizon soon enough to be considered.
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    I'm kind of in the same boat except I'm gonna get the pre 2 and the pre 3. My mom is gonna give me her upgrade since I got her a new pixi plus, anyways I would say wait for the pre 3 if you can.
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    no reason to wait unless you require the larger screen and TTS with the touchpad.

    are either of those requirements for the OP?
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    They really aren't requirements. I really would like to have the touchpad at some point but right now I can't justify having two tablets. I really don't care much about the screen size since I already go between a Pre and a Pixi.

    I saw another post about someone having the same keyboard issues as the Pre + though. This is what really worries me.
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    the pre2 keyboard is improved and the slider is more solid than the pre+.

    the pre3 has a different design to the slider - it isn't curved. But sliders need a little play to work. So far I'm impressed with the Pre2 build quality.
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    I had problems with my pre+ keyboard, which is what made me decide to go ahead and get the pre2. I'm happy with that decission... it's an all around better unit, the keyboard works great, the speed is there (one of the best things is when I use my BT in the car, the phone book loads almost immediately, it took several miles with my pre+), gps works, FLASH is awesome. The downsides are resetting up everything the way I had it in my pre+ was time consuming, and there are some patches that aren't yet available in 2, that I was using with my plus - but it seems like more patches are getting added everyday. This is one user that is happy that I went with the Pre 2 (and I look forward to going to the Pre3, sometime in the fall).
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    the biggest thing holding me back from upgrading is the loss of free mobile hotspot.

    dealbreaker for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MDsmartphone View Post
    the biggest thing holding me back from upgrading is the loss of free mobile hotspot.

    dealbreaker for me.
    But would the Pre 3 release offer a free mobile hotspot deal too? Or would the same thing happen with the Pre +, and VZW offer Pre 2s with free mobile hot spot? Just a thought..

    I personally ordered a Pre 2 with my upgrade. I really like the size and form factor of my current Pre +. I'm not a huge power user either, so the patches that I use are just fine for me. I think I'll be happy with the Pre 2 for a while before I can get my next upgrade, which would open up the world of HP phones to me that we haven't seen yet!
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    Since Pre3 uses a different chip than the Pre2, it is unclear to me how long the Pre2 will receive upgrades from Palm. I would guess Pre2 might get up to webos 2.2 but even if so, I am not sure that once the Pre3 comes out and gets traction, that the Pre would also get the further upgrades that might be needed to run the Enyo apps coming down the pike hopefully in second half of 2011. If you are content to possibly not receive upgrades to current Pre2 software, go ahead and get the phone, otherwise may be wise to wait.
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    I decided to go from a Pre- on Sprint to a Pre2 on Verizon. I'm out of contract on Sprint and Verizon has better coverage. The upgrade is $105 with me work discount for a 2-year contract. The 1-year contract price is ~$135.

    For me, I'd rather see what happens with LTE/4G, etc over the next year or two. A Pre2 will keep me happy until then.
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    the pre3 likely won't have the free mobile hotspot either, but it will be bigger and have more capability than the pre 2 given touch to share, front camera, 5 mp camera with autofocus, etc. So upgrading to that makes more sense than to the pre2. I would upgrade to the pre 2 right now for only 100 only if I could get the free hotspot.

    curious to know: would the freetether program work with the pre2?

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