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    I'm a cellphone novice and need some education. I want a Palm Pre (2 or 3), but want to get away from Verizon. What are my options? If Verizon and Sprint operated the same type of system, why couldn't I purchase a phone anywhere and use it on Sprint. Are there any other providers out there?
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    The 3 isn't out, yet.

    I believe you can purchase an unlocked 2, but it isn't cheap.

    If you got a Verizon one, you'd have to unlock it and make some modifications to get it working on a different carrier.

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    can't unlock verizon phones. You should order the pre2 from
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    Dont forget the Pre2 is also out in an unbranded GSM form too so could take it to ATT. Its all shaddy still if ATT will actually get the Pre3/Veer but like the Pre2 HP will have Unbranded GSM forms for them too.
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    I would wait if I were you to find out which carriers the Pre3 will be on in the summer. It should be announced within the next few months.

    In the meantime you can buy a Pixi Plus for $50 and use it on pageplus without contract or on Verizon without contract (look at the article on front page of Precentral or google it)

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