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    With all these exclusions and irreversible activation changes, it's as if HP/Palm wants to make the platform as user unfriendly as possible? Unfortunate since WebOS is just such a darn good OS.
    I agree. I have just paid over 300 for an unlocked Pre2 and I am really impressed with WebOS but, I was not aware of the paid apps issue when I bought it, I only found out when I tried to add an app. The Palm UK website in no way made it clear that I would not be able to receive paid apps because I live in the "wrong" country. This is pretty unforgiveable, if they are going to sell a product from the online store they should, at the very least, make the buyer aware of any of these sort of issues. I feel totally cheated by Palm especially as I have been a Palm consumer for the last 12 years! Maybe HP will be able to take a more sensible approach? If they want to compete with the likes of Apple or Google they will have to!
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    Did you ever get this resolved? I am in the same boat, with a new Unlocked North America Pre 2 that I am trying to use with my Telus sim card. I have went through Levels 1, 2, & 3 of Palm/HP support, and am now waiting for Level 4 Engineering to get back to me regarding this.

    I have no access to any paid apps. The first attempt to activate the factory sealed Pre 2 was with my Telus sim card, it was not an unlocked Rogers phone.

    Has anyone successfully used a Pre 2 with access to paid apps on the Telus HSPA network?
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