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    So my Verizon Pre Plus is having problems. The inductive charging/touchstone isn't working anymore and more importantly whenever I press a number the screen goes to black (the phone stays on) and I have to pull the battery out of the back and restart.

    My question: do you think Verizon will swap it for a Pre Plus from their wharehouse (do they even have any?) or will I luck out and get the Pre 2?

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    Shed a tear. That might help.
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    Generally if you are a really big and longstanding customer, they may eventually be willing to let yo upgrade early. That happened to me once when I had a problem with my Centro (failed headset jack) and they sent several replacements that were defective. They offered to let me exchange it for an equal or lesser phone (they didn't have any sort of smartphone cheaper than the $99 Centro back then). So they asked if I'd like to have my upgrade date adjusted so I could pay the upgrade and get a Blackberry or "high end" smartphone. I declined.

    Now, that was a few years ago. I had multiple accounts, multiple phones on unlimited plans plus insurance plus data etc. and I'd been a customer for many years. The rep was trying to help an elite subscriber. It's a rare thing, and they certainly haven't gotten any more generous in recent years.

    I'd say that if you've had multiple legitimate issues (not a little play in the keyboard or minor issues) over the entire time you've had the phone - and if you are a longstanding customer on an expensive plan... you can TRY to ask if they'd let you pay the upgrade cost to the Pre2.

    Other than that... I'd set your chances at slim or none, and slim just left town.
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    So you think Verizon actually has a stock of Pre Plus models somewhere out there to replace it with? I thought they were gone from their inventory?
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    Just because they aren't selling them doesn't mean they don't have referbs left over for product replacements.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TonyCannoli View Post
    So you think Verizon actually has a stock of Pre Plus models somewhere out there to replace it with? I thought they were gone from their inventory?
    Just about everyone that boughta Pre+ signed a two year contract. Of all the carriers, Verizon seems to be the most diligent in making sure that they have replacements available through the life of those contracts. Launch-day VZW customers with two-year contracts will start to hit the "early upgrade" thresh hold in about October, and the contracts expire in 2012.

    On top of that, people like me have been paying $7.99/month for insurance. They'd have some pretty unhappy campers if they couldn't replace a phone that is still under contract and still insured. In my case, I used my Centro for much longer than the contract (in part because I was waiting for the Pre) and I had my Centro replaced due to a hardware failure just before the Pre+ launched in January. They hadn't offered the Centro in a long time, but they still had them. My understanding is that Assurion didn't stop providing refurbished Centros until last summer.

    I had my Pre+ replaced in November when the volume buttons failed, and I would expect VZW will have replacements available into 2012, based on how they seem to really focus on good customer service.

    So, yes, I think they will have plenty of replacements for warranty and/or insurance claims. The only time they showed interest in providing something else is when there were enough problems that they didn't want to lose me because of constant hardware problems. Of course, I didn't take them up on it, but it was a nice gesture.
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    I had to replace my Verizon Pre+ a few months ago because of the USB cracking issue and from talking to a couple different Verizon stores, they then kept a few refurbished units for warranty replacement. This I verified last week, since my recently replaced refurb, has a worsening oreo effect. I thought of going in today to see about another, replacement, my 4th. Seeing that I need to use some old PalmOS programs through Classic, I will need to keep using a Pre+ until I better understand if Classic will work on the WebOS2.xx.
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    no pre2 for you friend !!
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    My Pre plus has been replaced 5 times, my wifes 8 times. I asked verizon about switching phones and they offered me a Pixi. If you are able to get them to make the trade it would be nice to know.
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    I called Virizon yesterday to have my Pre+ replaced, and they said it was out of warranty, but I could do a early upgrade on my line, I said i shouldn't be elligible for an upgrade until Oct., she said they are doing early upgrades for a fee of $20 and that she would wave the fee, so I ordered a Pre 2 and when I get it and activate it my 2 year contract would start over....should be getting it on the 22nd
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    Even if they don't have a stock of extra Pre Plus models, refurbed or otherwise, and they do what another poster above said and offer you a different phone of equal or lesser value, they might try to pawn a Pixi Plus off onto you instead of a Pre 2. And even if your Verizon store no longer has Pixi Plus devices left over, I would imagine they would likely offer you some other brand of phone. Blackberry of some kind, perhaps?
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    Maybe if you threaten to leave or something they will hook you up.

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    I can confirm that Verizon has the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus in stock. You're not going to luck out and get a Pre 2.

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