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    Getting my Pre 2 tomorrow, what is the best way to get all the info and compatible apps from my pre plus to the pre 2.
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    The short answer is the Palm Profile holds much of the data. The only files that you have to worry about are the music, pictures, etc. that you have saved via the USB function of Pre Plus.

    The USB data needs to be transferred manually. Save it to your computer PRIOR to deactivating your Pre Plus.

    The app and profile information (contacts, etc.) are saved to your Palm Profile and will be automatically brought over to your Pre 2 when you activate that phone.

    Once you activate the Pre 2, manually move any USB data over to the Pre 2.
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    The Palm Profile only holds some data, it does not hold most of the app data. For that, use Save/Restore. I've switched two Pre + and just moved to a Pre 2, Save/Restore is a lifesaver.
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    I thought I read somewhere that you can export contact data from Palm profile (using internalz to copy the database file?) and then import it again but I can't find the information. If anyone knows about this, please let me know, thanks.
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    how can i get the homebrew apps reinstalled again ?
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    The Palm Profile backs up your personal input data and account information as well as simple things like Alarms and certain preferences. To have 'the same' feel on your new phone as the Pre Plus then you will need to do as other members have mentioned, transfer your files to a PC or Mac and then manually to your new phone.


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