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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    When I go through there it makes me try to setup different plans and stuff -- I just want to buy the phone
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    I called five local Verizon stores here in San Francisco, none had a Pre 2. One store I even had the sales rep ask another "do we still even carry Palm phones?"
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    After following this thread for the last two days I suspect the Pre 2 are going to trickle in the stores.

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    Bored . . . I drove to the cloest Verizon store in Cincinnati. Had a display model but none in stock. Had to special order them. I think Verizon is sticking their big toe in the water to check out the interest before sending boxes of them out to the stores. Just my theory.

    I checked the demo out and like everyone else said it was much quicker and smoother than my plus.


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    It felt thinner too.
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    Went to two different "Verizon Experience" stores here in the northern VA area. The larger of the two had a working display model but none in stock, whereas the other store reps seemed confused and had to ask each other to confirm the phone's existence. So, of course no display model was even present at that location.
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    I went to two Verizon stores in New Jersey today. Neither one had any Pre 2s on display. In fact, one sales rep asked me "why would I even want one? Get a Droid." Seems to me Verizon really has no vested interest in selling them. Now I see why they priced them at $149.00. No one would be crazy enough to buy one from Verizon since HP is giving them away for free.

    I'm rethinking the iPhone 4. I'm tired of waiting.
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    This Verizon store owner in Long Island will match HP's price for the Pre2.
    If the link doesn't work search for the thread entitled: Buy the Pre2 for Free at this Verizon Store:
    Cellular City, Incorporated

    1046 Montauk Hwy
    Copiague, NY 11726
    (631) 226-7575

    ask for Me (Syed).:
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    Thanks. I wish there was a place closer to home to visit. Might as well order one online and save the gas $.
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    The Pre 2's aren't free anymore are they? i looked last night and today and it seems they went back up to 99 dollars.

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    I think the situation will be the same with the pre 3 if it launches on vzw. Bottom line the vzw CEO thinks there are only three worthy platforms right now- apple, google, and rim.

    Hp will have to establish itself alone, probably doing all the advertising and pushing and supporting, before vzw trains it's employees to take webos seriously. I think the same when Microsoft launches their os on vzw in a few months. It won't be until either of these latter 2 players establish themselves in either a consumer and/or enterprise space before they get the carriers full attention.
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    CTO of Verizon said HP was a darkhorse for the 4th spot because it has unique features. I'm guessing his network is testing the device after Pre3, based on a link we saw a few months ago on VZW site that they were testing 4G Palm device. They are looking past Pre2 which was a remnant of the old roadmap and thus not worth supporting much. Still I think it is telling that VZW agreed to put Pre2 on their network even.

    We will need to wait and see but that was a big public pronouncement by Verizon, hope HP rises up to the challenge.

    So cheer up. Its [almost] spring and Pre3 is coming soon.
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    My local stores had no pre 2 in stock they are too busy bending over for oh stevie boy and his iPhone. Hell both stores have all smart phones with 1 or 2 feature phones. Soon enough you will have to revert to ebay just to get a dumb phone as VZW is more concerned with the bottom line.....AKA money with there data and smart phones then end of the feature phone is soon approaching

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    I had to drive to a store in Pittsburgh and ask. It is a one hour drive past three Verizon Stores that did not have the phone. Two sales people said they did not have the phone. I looked around the large Verizon store and from 30 feet away said that sure looks like a palm pre over there in the corner. It was and I then had to show the sales man how to work the phone. I ordered the phone and received it two days shipping.
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    The store near me had one, but it had a dead battery.
    I had to remove the back of the sample Pre2 and put my Pre Plus battery in it to even try it out. They had the shoplifting security thingy stuck on the upper, right corner of the screen, making it impossible to activate the Battery/Wi-fi/Bluetooth/etc/ options menu.

    They are all a ga-ga (not lady ga-ga) over android and iphone now.
    "Everybody Palm!"

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    you can order it though can't you? i mean i just don't think there is a lot of demand for them and that's why they aren't stocking tons at every store.
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    Yeah, their stance seems to be "special order only." Don't fully understand why that is. Ah well... I chalk it up to the HPalm acquisition mucking up the 2's launch target.

    Pre 3 here we come (?)!
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    my guess is they just don't want to expose themselves financially. If they buy the handsets from sprint and don't sell them they just have to eat the cost.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ieko View Post
    When I go through there it makes me try to setup different plans and stuff -- I just want to buy the phone
    Just select "month to month" in the "pricing for" box above the add to cart button (on the Pre 2 page).
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