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    Quote Originally Posted by jbg7474 View Post
    Every chance they get? Don't you think that's a bit of an exaggeration? It's only a lie if they didn't believe it when they promised 2.x on the first generation...
    Yes, it's an exaggeration. No, it's still a lie even if they thought they were going to bring webOS 2.0 to the original Pre. There's a difference between saying

    "We're working on bringing 2.0 to the older devices currently and expect it to be released in February as an OTA update"
    "The older devices will be getting webOS 2.0"

    One is a statement of intent, the other is a guarantee to do something. I really don't like to use "over-promise" because there is a difference when you promise something.
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    The Palm Pre 2 will still be around for sometime yet, but HP has washed its hands of the Palm name, so the lack of interest by the giant will be a sure thing as time goes by.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pastorrich1 View Post
    The Pre 2 isn't going anywhere soon. It is in the same class as the Veer and Pre 3. It wouldn't launch on Verizon if they were going to dump it in 6 months. It will most certainly get everything the Veer gets. The Pre 3 however will have some functionality that neither the Veer or Pre 2 will be able to handle I suspect. The touch to share feature is what I am thinking of specifically.
    Both Veer and Pre 3 support tap to share PRe 2 doesn't. Going forward (after the introduction of Pre3 and Veer) they will be the developer devices as they support more features AND they are on snapdragon architecture whereas Pre2 is a TI design (so stock ARM) so I would be wary of getting a Pre2 at this point.
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    the veer won't have tap to share according to the announcement.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sinime View Post
    I don't think the Pre 2 will get dumped with release of the Pre 3... The Pre 2 has better hardware than the Veer. The only thing the Pre 2 lacks is an autofocus camera and a compass.

    Edit: the more I think of it.... S, M, L could apply to phones only... S (Veer), M (Pre 2), L (Pre 3)
    Actually the Veer doesn't have AF either, it's an EDOF.
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    I'm betting legacy device owners get Pre2s (either free or at deep discount) once the Pre3 launches. I can't imagine they'll be able to move the leftover Pre2s once the 3 hits the shelves.
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    veer will have touch to share via software update when pre3 and touchpad come out
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    Guys, we should be lucky that HP is even considering helping us out. It has been stated on these boards many times: "why should they help us? what do we deserve just because we own legacy devices?"

    I didn't expect anything from HP. So, now that they have said this, I can believe them, but I do think that we should all be glad that we are a consideration. I hope that HP will continue to have an ear out for our community.

    That being said, to the main subject matter: The Pre 2.

    I believe that it isn't in HP's vision for the mainstream market. I think they'll treat it like the Pixi, almost. Sure, they'll sell it, but they won't market it. And if the Pre 2 serves no other purpose other than to help us legacy device owners out and to be a dev phone, so be it. The Veer and Pre3 will be heavily marketed, I suspect
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    HP has divorced itself from the palm name, pre2 is a palm device...
    HP cut the pre and pixi loose at the first sign of difficulty in maintaining the software.
    pre2 hardware is dramaticly differet from the Veer and Pre3.
    HP sited hardware differences as one of the reasons for EOLing pre pixi lines.

    it is simply a matter of time before HP cuts the pre2 loose too. I give it about 8 months before "something" comes up that gives HP the excuse to stop updating the pre2, about the same lifespan as the pre+.
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