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    I know I and many others have complained, (with every right to, no doubt!) but I was just thinking as I am now calmed down a bit, I'm just gonna buy the Pre 2. The Pre 3 is great, but the Pre 2 on VZW will be cheap (most likely) and I have 2 upgrades on my line. The Pre 2 is good enough for me and as long as I have webOS 2.0 I'm fine. Is anybody else thinking about this too? Or are you guys gonna switch to iOS and Android?

    P.S: I forgot to post this as a new topic, but we all should have known the Pre 2 was coming to Verizon soon as if you go to their smartphone section and hover on "Brand/OS" HP has been there for a week or two.
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    The pre 3 is really close to my dream device, so I'm going to wait for it. It lacks in dual core-ness, and in battery life (1gb of ram would of been nice, and so would of VIDEO OUT), but I can live with it.
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    Yeah... Cloud storage will be nice, though. I'll just get the Pre 2 and see if I still want the 3 in summer.
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    calming down somewhat.... more than likely will get the pre3 this summer but i really really really really really wanted a landscape slider running second choice was a big sexy slab and i got neither with this announcement...saw a cupla videos of the pre3 on youtube and that helps but im just not a portrait slider fan and after almost 2 years im ready for a change from this form factor...
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    I like the pre3 for me it's the perfect phone. What is kind of upsetting is the fact that hp is kind of leaving developers out to dry here by not giving older devices webOS 2.0. What I'm hopeing is that hp already realizes this and has a solution.
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    I want to know how much it will be off-contract. I jumped when VZW offered the Pre with the free mobile hotspot, so I want to retain that as long as possible.

    Does anyone know how long I can keep the free hotspot?
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    Perhaps we are all calming down a bit, I posted a thread on why I thought webOS is dead...but then changed it to why I think it is in trouble. I am still concerned that this wasn't what webOS needed in the market, but the Pre 3 and Veer do look very cool in my opinion...I sure hope new buyers think so, because I'm not sure how many people around here are jumping to another platform.
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    I was thinking of getting the Pre 2 unlocked to replace my Pre Plus to use on Bell, but then after thinking for a while I was like screw that.

    I actually just got this Pre Plus I'm using now a few months ago. Sold my first one then got another one, this one in pretty bad cosmetic condition, but it runs just fine, and does what I need it to do. Both of them were ex-Verizon units. So with all the parts unit and bad ESN units I traded back and forth, the two came out to be free and I have a healthy source for parts to keep mine running, and I have 4 batteries to expend.

    So my Verizon Pre Plus will have quite a bit of life left in it. And if anything I can always go back to my Pre. It's running just fine except for the flat power button. Sure I'll miss out on OS 2.x, I REALLY want JustType/Quick Actions after trying it out on my Bell Pre and perhaps Skype when the Verizon Pre 2 doctor comes, I can live without them. More importantly because mine is CDMA and it has an "unlimited" data plan with Bell. Switching to HSPA I'll lose this ability. I'm not going to buy an HSPA unit and convert it to CDMA.

    I'd rather spend my money on a Pre 3 later on when it drops in price. The way I use it I really don't need the latest and greatest, I'm done with the period where I replace my phone every 6 months.
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