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    A previous Palm Treo 650-680 user, and longtime Blackberry Curve (8310) and Bold (9000) user, I picked up an AT&T Palm Pre Plus for $100 today. It has WebOS 1.4 (I believe) and was "wiped" before I got it.

    I have figured out some about it on my own & by the person showing me some. I created a Palm profile, I figured out pressing the gesture area like a button takes you to the home screen, you close an application by flicking a "card" upwards from the "home" screen, tapping on it makes it the active one. added 1 GMail account (but the other one won't add, even though I'm positive I have the ID & password correct), and figured out the keyboard a little. I've browsed the web application and figured out the pinch-to-zoom thing. I also downloaded the Facebook app from the App Catalog link, and tooled around Google Maps a little.

    Here are my numerous questions (yes I will do some searching on my own too):

    (1) Browser: I can't figure out how to bring up menu options, such as entering a URL, without resetting all over again. I saw it drop down from the top once, but can't get it to come up specifically. (I do see the "Web" drop-down where you can change preferences etc.)

    (2) Browser: when I zoom-in, I can't get text to "wrap to fit," making it a scroll side-to-side affair to read the text contents

    (3) Browser: at one point, I saw the one-screen touch keyboard appear, but I don't know how to make it appear

    (4) Browser: how do I highlight page content to copy-paste

    (5) Applications: I want it to view ALL of them at once, can't get it to do that. To find the Google Maps application, for instance, I have to type "G" from the home screen to get it to pull up. Ditto the Amazon MP3 app, Videos etc.

    (6) If I want to "re-wipe" the phone as well as anything associated with it, but still retain the email-password of my Palm profile (just have it "clean" like before, how would I do that?)

    (7) Is there an application to lock-down the screen orientation to vertical or whatever? It is irritating to me how it lags flipping horizontal to vertical when I do. I keep screaming "flip, FLIP, FLIP!!!"

    (8) I know the device has 16G of built-in storage, no microSD card provisions. How do I transfer my .mp4 video clips to it?

    (9) Google Maps: on my Blackberry, I can save certain spots as favorites to pull up later, I also can browse manually to a point on the map, click on it, and have it map to that spot I've picked. I can't find anyway to do this on the webOS Google Maps.

    (10) Besides the App Catalog link, where's a good place to browse for the applications available for it?

    (11) Along those lines--I realize the WebKit browser is great, but are there other browsers available also?

    (12) I need instant messaging-chat software that supports Google Talk and jabbertalk (the latter of which is a workaround that lets me do Facebook chat) (I did find these):

    IM+ for $4.99

    Agile Mobile for $9.99
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