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    Is there anyone out there who even wants the Pre 2 anymore? By all accounts it will be rendered obsolete by HP/Palm's own hardware next week. I was dying for this phone last fall, but wouldn't touch it now (unless I got for free with no contract).
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    I dont think even HP cares. I doubt they even meant for it to do well. They are planning better things.
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    I don't care, but that's because I already have my developer GSM unlocked Pre 2.
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    I care...but also want to see what's coming. Love the form factor.
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    I care. It's a really nice phone. If you were able to use it first hand your opinion would be differ
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    Pre2 on Sprint, I'm in.
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    I think it was more for getting webos 2.0 out there, not neccessarily being a hot seller
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    Pre 2 who cares...its been been "coming soon" for months
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    Hp needs to drop this pre line already
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    If the new devices announced next week follow the trend towards ridiculously large slabs, then yes, I would still be interested. But, if there’s a new portrait slider similar to the Pre, then I don’t care about the Pre 2 anymore.
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    Yes, for people like my wife the Pre2 is perfect. As long as it is one of several devices offered, I think it will have a definite appeal to some users.
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    Being on the original Pre..uh...I care. Who's to say that this new hardware, I won't like? I'd like a Pre 2 then...
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    It is what it is. When HP bought Palm they got a where house full of Pre 2s. I've always thought they should just give them away. They should have made a contest to generate interest in WebOS and give them away as a countdown to Feb 9th.

    It would have saved them money, because it's great marketing tool and they could of had a nice tax write off to boot.
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    I think they should keep it as an entry level phone and bring on the goodies Feb 9
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    I care because I hope they fix the bugs. It is my first webOS device and I am glad it was available unlocked because I hate carrier crippled, sim-locked devices that are usually sold on contract.
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    I would totally get a pre 2 if it was on Sprint....that being said I would wait for the Feb 9th announcement first!

    Can we call the new phone the Post?

    Pre...Post. Get it?
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    The Pre 2 was one of Palm's "In the pipe line devices" Once HP took over they basically finished it, released it as a kind of developer hold over and focused on it's own device's (what is going to be announced on the 9th). I think that developers do care about the Pre 2, but most consumers have never heard of it, so there is nothing to care about.
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    Quote Originally Posted by YankBoy View Post
    Is there anyone out there who even wants the Pre 2 anymore? By all accounts it will be rendered obsolete by HP/Palm's own hardware next week. I was dying for this phone last fall, but wouldn't touch it now (unless I got for free with no contract).
    So by that description, are you saying all non-smartphones are rendered obsolete and nobody wants them anymore?

    I'd take one, in fact didn't they say that it was a pretty comparable phone by today's standards, just a few months behind or something to that effect? Just about every review I've read from people posting on here, pretty much all good comments, blazingly fast, great display, more memory, nice feel, nice glass, etc, etc. Doesn't sound like that bad of a phone to me.

    People still buy these types of phones:

    If people are willing to spend money on those, why wouldn't they be willing to spend money on a Pre 2?
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    There is a market for the portrait qwerty slider. Look at the Blackberry Torch or the Dell Venue Pro. Both are pretty decent.
    The Blackberry has decent build quality. Loads of people would buy a device exactly like the Torch with WebOS.
    I reckon HP are going to announce 2 phones. One will be a 3.7" to 4.0" slab. And the other will have a keyboard and have a 3.7" slidout keyboard like the Motorola Milestone 2 and HTC Desire Z or be a 3.2" potrait slider like the Blackberry Torch.
    I really hope that HP use high quality plastics and some metal. Maybe magnesium or aluminium. These devices have to ooze quality or else they will be dismissed as tacky and nasty even with WebOS on board.
    I don't care about a tablet. My HP Elitebook and Palm Pre meet all my needs. But I realise that many of you do care. TBH I think the right form factor is the Samsung Galaxy Tab. A 7" screen and 360g. The iPad is too heavy to hold in one hand. People tend to rest it on their lap or on a table. So they might as well have a real computer.
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    I care and I dont care.

    I hope they do well but I wont pay another $650 for the Pre2 when my Pre cost $800 and both still lacks support for paid apps.

    My original Pre can also not buy apps so only difference is thats its not as fast at not buying apps.
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