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    Hi all

    I invested in the Palm Pre 2 a couple of months ago and all in all I'm loving it. I would like to think i'm a pretty accomplished smartphone user but there are a few things on the pre which I can't figure out.

    Picture messaging - I'm with t-mobile uk, i've tried every variation of settings in the MMS VPN section and just can't get it working.

    Google Calender - I can't get this to work at all, when I add my google account I get an error saying 'your account is not configured for calendar' or 'unknown error'

    Wifi hotspot - i can't find this in the app store, I used to have a one on my HTC HD2 and I found it really useful.

    Any help on any of these issues would be greatly appreciated!
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    Here is a link to a wifi hotspot app:

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